Looking through a broken window at the lives
and times of Wexford town’s Victorian elite.

” A unique book based on a unique artefact! “



The Lennon Glass

Pat Hackett & Liam Turner

The Lennon Glass

Towards the end of the 1950s, the late Wexford architect / engineer, Albert Lennon, brought a pane of glass home from a ‘renovation project’ he’d completed, somewhere between numbers 79 and 93 on Wexford’s North Main Street. He told his wife, Katherine, to ‘look after it’, as it was ‘valuable’ not from a monetary point of view but ‘there seemed to be the names of important men from years ago in town scraped on it!

Following a ‘spring clean in 2022 Katherine Lennon handed the pane over to her nephew, Pat Hackett, (Pat’s mother May was Albert’s sister) and his sidekick Liam Turner, the two retirees with time on their hands and very patient wives, started work on the pane.

Hackett and Turner’s meticulous research identified and verified twenty-five individuals and ‘The Lennon Glass – What A Pane’ recounts the life stories of these remarkable ‘movers and shakers’ from the Victorian Wexford of the 1870s to the second decade of the  fledgling independent Ireland of the early 1940s.


Pat Hackett and Liam Turner had worked as part of the group that published’ Selskar 18’ in 2022.

‘The Lennon Glass – What A Pane!’ is their  first joint collaboration.’